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16TH JUNE 2022 (272)
15TH AUGUST 2021 (236)
28TH DECEMBER 2020 (200)

1st Past the Post... first post the past:

The first ever Alone in the Labyrinth blogpost by the then self-styled DM in exile

Actual Play Accounts

Turns out I write a lot of these. Who knew?

Pariah, Etau/Unlucky Ones campaign:

Dawn of Worlds

Crystal Seas (O5R campaign):

The Lost City (B/X homebrew)

Journal of Hikkomori


Random class generator:

PARIAH mutations:

PARIAH character generator:

Secret Santicorn GLOG classes (aviator and jazz bard):

PARIAH Reasons for Exile:

City of Ghost Chargen:

Keepers in the Dark backstory generator:

Human as character class:

Old world name generator for medieval fantasy:

Character generator for Garblag's Grimdark (now "Dodeca")

B/X Sorcerer Class:

1d100 Ynn-Inspired Fey Mutations:

BECMI Dwarf-Cleric:

0-Level Character Backgrounds... Nobles & Guttersnipes

0-Level Character Backgrounds... Acolytes and Slaves

Five on Friday

(weekly curated list of other bloggers' best posts)

Design discourse


Links back to this post (Index Update Inception)


D66 Enchanted Items for PARIAH:

Magiography- mages are monks.

Spells are spirits:


Ritual Magic (as featured in The Glatisant #6):

Show me then the truth of its nature... a ritual:
Hit dice as magic dice:

Ritual: the chosen arrow:

Cantrips/ cantraps in O5R:


Spirit of the Wilderness: Second Look at Genius Driven Loci Encounters..

Hit Protection & Hit Dice, Generic Adventure Game

The very last skills post, I promise:

Exploring Space: Procedures

Reaction rolls and reputation:

Skills II:

Skill I:

Save vs. Surprise:

Ancestral Spirt Shrine (maybe should be in magic...):

Ability scores II:
Ability Scores I:

Wilderness Encounters in PARIAH:

Active Defence:

Shuttered Room's Initiative:

Different Armour Sytems:

Hit Dice:

Death & Dismemberment:


Silly GLOG gag:

Scale in D&D maps:
Salute of the Jugger, the tabletop game:

Disc Horse Nonsense and PARIAH:

Everyone else designing a (shit?) RPG:

Tactical+solo RPGs:

Hikikomori, the solo RPG:

Monsters, Enemies and NPCs

Memory-Eaters: Giant Silkworms

Statting a God: Death

Genius Loci could go in mechanics or sandbox but here'll do- (as featured in The Glatisant #18)

Ancient One, Isopod Aboleth-thing

Aziza, Queen of Dawn:

The Others:

The Once Hunted, a spirit by Pat Eyler of Foot of the Mountain:

PARIAH Bestiary:
Spirit Generation in the mode of OneThousand Thousand Islands:
Everything is a Bear:
Fucking monkeys:

A Witch:

Ghouls (they scamper):

Animal Spirits II:

Animal Spirits I:

Spirits in General:


The Pyramid and the Pit Fiend:

Other Planes

Ill-effects after an extra-planar adventure (As featured in The Glatisant #5)

List of NSR "one-post" settings:

The Labyrinth of Hod:

Memoirs of a Failed Campaign:


Interview by Weird and Wonderful Worlds

Not a podcast but should have been, interview with Arthur WH:

Sofinho interviewing JFUR:

PARIAH session summary podcast:

Our Man in [the] Moscow [Metropolitan Area]: Interview with Eugene

Sofinho talking with Jim Parkin of D66 Kobolds:

Random noise about bog mummies:


Shameless Self-promotion

Pariah Volume 1 Print on Demand:

Pariah Volume 1 on Drive Thru RPG:

Pariah Tactical Supplement (combat and stuff):

Pariah Volume 1 DELETED CONTENT!

Returning to the UK (what a fucking shit idea that was)

I'm making a zine, it's called PARIAH! Have you heard about it?

Yeah, you know, PARIAH! It has stones and spirits and drugs. But not in an interesting way.


White Chalk, crossing into the Sussex Neolithic:

Non-Alignment Pact (alignment post)

Adventure Title Generator from Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells


Hex generators:

World in a "I search the body" table:

Varya's setting questions:

More Neolithic settlements:

Gundobad Games' Settings with Strata

Pariah plot-hooks and rumours: 

1d6 Sorcerers:

Proto-Neolithic Sandbox Part 2:

Proto-Neolithic Sandbox Part 1:
Jones' Oracular Dungeon Generator Part 1:
Pariah wilderness notes:

Neolithic Settlements:

Hunter Gatherer Tribes:

Weather and Terrain Generation with Hex Flowers:

Jones' Awesome Arthurian Sandbox Generator:

Proto-Neolithic Game Concept!

An Actual City of Ghosts (or a ghost city)

3 Similar Human Cultures and their Origin Myth:

A Bronze Age City, Ezra:

A Bronze Age City, Nahemot:

Origin Myth of Human Monarchy:

Origin Myth of Draconic Superiority:

Horrible Reddit Inspired Shitty Pantheon Exercise:

Crappy "My Dwarves are Different" Post:

Bronze Age 5e Setting:

Dark Dungeons Campaign Setting Posts from 2015:

Reflections on the Isle of Dread:

Reflections on Sandboxes:



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