Thursday 1 December 2022



A burnt headless zombie chicken, walking upright on its stumps

I have a twitter account. If you're wondering why I'm not posting to it—and perhaps also why I'm not following you—you need to go outside more.

  1. ADICE TO WOULD-BE WRITERS: listen to more drum 'n' bass while working. It  will make you type faster.

  2. TRYING TO GET MY DESIGN COLEAGUES into random tables during the production stage, not just as outputs. A bit like oblique strategy cards but with dice.

  3. For the record, find oblique strategy cards quite dry. Of course I love Eno (and Bowie) but I was expecting more... pictures?

  4. For the above, you can do worse than re-purposing Dixit cards.

  5. The OSR. Thoughts? I mean... is it actually a thing? I'm not sure. I think it might not actually be anything.