Tuesday 23 January 2024

Planned Hiatus

Since reviving this blog  in 2019 my output has not been as consistent in both quality and quantity as I would like. Setting the issue of quality aside for a moment, there have been occasions where carving out time to post has been challenging. Sometimes these occasions stretch from weeks and into months.

Instead of reactively acknowledging that this has occurred with a tedious "sorry for falling out of the universe" introductory line to whatever post springs up next, I thought it would be a good idea to prepare you (the reader) for a 19 week/ 4-and-a-bit month interruption to your regular broadcast... with some exceptions, described below. 

I'm still planning to keep up the weekly Pariah 1-hour sandbox games, when sessions actually occur. No sessions have taken place yet this year, though I am hopeful we can get a game in this week. However, I won't be able to run a session at all during February, so following a post concerning this Friday's game (if it takes place), please don't expect anything on this blog until March at the earliest.

Due to the fact that  have paid subscribers I will continue to put out a monthly newsletter on substack—Latest from the Labyrinth— which you can subscribe to for free here: 


I anticipate that until June, this will mostly consist of the following:

  • Links to play reports for the 1 hour sandbox, as and when games appear
  • Images of my progress with Galaxy 24  
  • Collated media i.e. other stuff I've read/listened to
The Galaxy 24 stuff will also be shared on my Instagram:

Writing this down sort of feels like I'm abandoning the blog and switching to other platforms: an example of action contradicting intent, perhaps, as this is my favourite place: I just can't give it the attention it serves right now.

If this a statement of intent, that intent is to focus on my day job at the expense of my leisure as living costs continue to spiral and job security continues to erode. Apologies for being negative, but it's very difficult to justify the time this blog tells me it deserves.

See you on the other side.

Tuesday 9 January 2024

Everything, everywhere—but not necessarily all at once

It's a New Year and (apparently) it's time for a new Universal Resolution Mechanic! At least that's the challenge set by Prismatic Wasteland. My favourite so far is over at friend-of-the-blog Semiurge's Archons March On who proposes a method definitely not suitable for serious practitioners of one of the world's largest religions

Never one to let a bandwagon sail by without sneering uncharitably before making a half-arsed effort to hitch a ride, I too have come up with my own mechanic: I call this Copenhagen Positioning aka Schrödinger's resolution mechanic...

We have quantum ogres and quantum inventory: isn't it time for a quantum twist on everything?

Friday 5 January 2024

The One Hour Pariah Sandbox: City of Ghosts Session 3 Play Report

Portrait of late (Finnish?) Mesolithic man by Tom Björklund,
used as character art for Wren-in-the-Sedge 

Due to time constraints and inspired by Luke Gearing's one-hour megadungeon sessions, I'm running a weekly PARIAH sandbox during my Friday lunch break. This is the third play report. 

Session 1 is here

Session 2 is here