Sunday 3 November 2019

City of Ghosts: Character Generator

Currently working on a character generator using for the ongoing City of Ghosts project. This  is hotlinked below, so changes will update here as they are made.

The main feature at present is the name generator, which I adapted into a vanilla fantasy name generator. The generator below currently just throws up a name, "true" name and the classic six stats, generated using 6 x 3d6.

Updates will be recorded in the devlog below.


12.11.19 Nearly cracked the skills and prime requisite feature. Spells and rituals next.
08.11.19 Just working on a "prime requisite" feature and tweaking skills, update to follow.
07.11.19 Spent fucking ages faffing around trying to get con mod to add to HP
06.11.19 Random hit dice and hit points.
03.11.19 Uploaded to site


  1. The fact that you have it CON, STR, DEX instead of STR, DEX, CON is somehow weirding me out. Otherwise and in addition, very much looking forward to this!

    1. I know it's non-standard but for some reason I think of this as being the proper stat spectrum... con flows into strength into dexterity into intelligence into wisdom into charisma and somehow, as an expression of willpower, charisma flows into con... there's a really boring post I could make about that but I don't think anyone will ever read!

    2. Oops, signed in on my wife's account...

    3. To confirm both of the above were definitely me, not some random internet hobo. I mean, I WISH I had random internet hobos dropping in on me and making comments, not that I don't appreciate your presence, Spwack!