Thursday, 24 January 2019

A WHOLE NEW WORLD... back in the sandbox

And we're back...

...and this time we have a new sandbox to play in, and some people with whom to play! The Fells was never fully realised, instead I've started afresh with this very close approximation of the Nile Delta, the Indigo River region.

The world was developed originally as a backdrop for an ongoing project of mine (a kind of sorcerer's apprentice meets Persephone and Pluto RPG maker MV project called "Changeling Bride") and was a little "thin", so with the help of Bat in the Attic's great sandbox creation guide, I managed to throw something together in about a week.

The setting has been adapted specifically for D&D 5th edition, but was originally intended as a low-magic, low monster frequency environment, although that has been adjusted slightly. Since this is now a live campaign, I shall not disclose any more. However, if you are keen, here's a graphic of the quabalistic cosmology I'm attempting to cobble together to cover the structure of the entire multiverse within which it is situated!

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