Thursday, 31 October 2019

November (National Novel Writing Month)

Samhain salutations!

A short announcement to warn you of what will be happening here throughout November.

Good new (If you enjoy reading this blog):
You will be treated to a post every day for the duration of the month!

Bad news (if you enjoy reading in general):
Each post will be the first paragraph of  that day's 1,666 word-splurge as I limp vainly towards the goal of writing my first novel.
Even worst news:
Most of the characters, setting and events remain undecided.

Slightly better news:
Many of those undecided factors will be determined randomly, using resources created by the OSR community! The "novel" will also be a dungeon delve, and though it's going to have a fairly vanilla arc (I'm not brave enough to spend a month writing everything completely randomly), it will have a hint of old-school flavour.

Not wanting to give anything away, I'll leave the obligatory see-how-the-sausage-gets-made post until after the event (December 1st). Until then, there won't be much gaming content here (apart from the Five on Friday and maybe the odd session report).


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