Saturday, 25 June 2022


 A fortnight ago I shared GENIUS LOCI, a wilderness exploration procedure based around territory-as-spirit. I included an individual hex to a) demonstrate how the procedure could be further "fleshed out" and b) to provide a bit of "gameable" content to PARIAH fans and readers.

Here's another hex: a volcanic spirit-mountain protected by the guardian EBUA.

You'll se I've gone a little granular in providing travel times for the individual mile-hexes (applicable when the pariahs go off-path) but I think in a game set entirely within the wilderness, this is acceptable. Think of the mini-hexes (one mile) as dungeon "rooms". 

As soon as I am able I'll put a PDF link up to Itch (PWYW) so a) visually impaired will be able to access the text b) easier to print at home c) you can leave a donation if you wish!

It is now done:

Note that all these hexes are taken from my unfinished adventure jam submission, Atop the Wailing Dunes. Once they're all released, I'll compile it into a module and make a POD available too.


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