Thursday, 30 June 2022

Spire... in 24XX?

Jason Tocci's 24XX SRD is probably the most fun rules-light frameworks around and has led to a proliferation of superb games that can be played with practically zero prep. For my sins, I released my own interpretation of the format (obviously with a Pariah spin) which is free to download here:

Combining my new-found obsession with the format with my ongoing 3-year fixation on Rowan, Rook and Decard's Spire: The City Must Fall, I thought I'd produce a 24XX interpretation of the game as a design exercise, Flèche (/fleɪʃ,flɛʃ/):

There's also a back page:

Originally this was a design exercise: how much of quite an extensive RPG can be squeezed into two-sides of A4? Decoupled from its original system, it does lose quite a bit. In particular it demonstrates how fundamental the relationship between resistance, stress & fallout is to the game, all of which are removed in the above hack. It isn't really the same animal an more. 

However, it did occur that this was quite a fun introduction to the world of Spire for people either unwilling or unable to invest time in building and developing a character using Spire's core system. It's a taste, I think, and for some people it will be enough: others are going to want more of the same for their next course, and in greater quantities and with additional garnish.

Not sure how obvious this is to you that my lunch break is looming and I am, in fact, hungry. Forgive me for signing off abruptly. Download the above images, print them of, try it out, then try-our-hand at the full game proper, available from RRD at the link below.


Buy Spire: The City Must Fall here:

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