Saturday, 22 February 2020


I just wanted to make a brief post to update regular readers of the blog and to apologise for the recent spate of inactivity. At the end of last month I returned to my home country of the United Kingdom from Vietnam, and have been looking for employment whilst also running a Kickstarter for my old school RPG zine PARIAH.

A working sketch for some of the PARIAH artwork by Jef Cox.
Thanks to a surprising level of support from the DIY scene, particularly on twitter, PARIAH smashed its funding goal. In total honesty I was not prepared for it to be so successful, and am now devoting much of my free time to ensuring it is fulfilled on time - and also exceeds my own usual standards.

Consequently, I've not had much time to read any of the many blogs that have been posted over the past week, so I cannot provide you with a recommended list of five. I can, however, make the following suggestions:

Froth's Humpday Blog-o-rama

I've also been listening to a lot of podcasts while I've been writing and jobsearching! Check out these OSR podcasts on anchor:

Camping with Owlbears
The Dungeon Master's Handbook (ChicagoWiz)
Expedition to the Grizzly Peaks
Goblin's Henchman
Keep Off the Borderlands
Loco Ludus
No Save for You
Spikepit RPG
Sword Breaker
Thought Eater

Finally, I've shilled for Garblag Games once or twice on this blog, but the broader readership might be interested to learn that they recently interviewed Matt Finch as well as running a Sword & Wizardry AP that was especially fun to watch. Links below:

Swords and Wizardry AP
Interview with Matt Finch

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