Sunday, 31 July 2022

Atop the Wailing Dunes: A PARIAH adventure for Zine Quest 4

Since the publication of GENIUS LOCI in June, I've been "teasing" hexes from the sandbox adventure ATOP THE WAILING DUNES.  However, this has been something sitting in my slushpile since last autumn, and I think it now comprises enough material to publish as a complete set.

Partially completed hex map of the sandbox

My original intention was to have PARIAH: CITY OF GHOSTS ready in time for Zine Quest 4, but owing to the commitments of my collaborators it won't be ready in time. However, with so much work already complete on Atop the Wailing Dunes, I thought it would be a good chance to release my little sandbox.

Here's the link to the Kickstarter, now live:


Outcast by their people, the party are looking to forge a new life in environs of the mysterious plateau and its eponymous wailing dunes. Here, a mighty titan known only as the Blighted One ensures the deserts remain... deserted, though legends tell of her guarding an ancient artefact of great power. 

The adventure provides details of 22 six-mile hexes (each with its own 2 page spread) with granular terrain to the one mile hex scale. Each hex possesses its own spirit of the place, manifesting in curious ways as the PCs interact with their environment.

A draft spread of one of the hexes

The wilderness procedure is an amalgamation of the older PARIAH wilderness rules and the more recent Genius Loci rules (linked above).

As ever, I'm grateful for your support in my creative endeavours!



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