Thursday, 30 April 2020


After much to-ing and fro-ing I finally managed to get the digital editions of PARIAH out to its backers earlier today. When I put the manuscript together last month there was a LOT of material that simply wouldn't fit, and in between doing layout, working and avoiding the plague I assemble a lot of this surplus material into a series of supplements.

The first one off the press is the tactical supplement, being a compendium of combat rules and other stuff. Because mostly they're recycled rules from B/X, BECMI, 0e and 1e (plus some other stuff) it's available for free at the following link:

Contents include:

* playing on hex grids
* stealth and listening
* damage reducing armour
* Aerial combat
* Old-school turn based initiative
* Death & dismemberment
* Random combat events
* fighting defensively
* Stat damage

Cover image courtesy British Museum.

If you prefer a google doc, have  a look here:

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