Thursday, 18 February 2021

The World in a 1d100 "I search the body" table

Once again, a fun challenge has emerged from the OSR discord, this time issued by Sahh: create a 1d00 I search the body and grant flesh to the bones of your world. The first response to this challenge was made not by Sahh but Locheil of Nothic's Eye and it is this post that I shall first link below:

...but Sahh was quick to remedy the situation and put up her own:

Illustration by Greg Harlin from this cool article:

A lot of these are taking from the 48 or so starting items. Half sorry about that.

I Loot the Body

  1. Stone knife, its blade dulled.
  2. Piece of knapped flint.
  3. Length of cord attached to a torn sling.
  4. Blowpipe, bamboo.
  5. Polished axe head similar to those favoured by settled peoples.
  6. 3 torches of wood, flax and birch-tar.
  7. Cured meats equivalent to 3 rations.
  8. Bow without a string.
  9. Large rattan basket strapped to their back.
  10. Gnarled 4' staff, sharpened to a point at one end.
  11. Broken spear: flint head is still sharp but shaft barely 1' long. 
  12. Piece of oiled hide wrapped around a selection of sharp flint blades and scrapers.
  13. Animal bladder, cured: waterskin?
  14. Large mushroom for starting fires (it keeps embers smouldering).
  15. A leather pouch containing four poppy heads
  16. Incomplete double-headed axe, haft and heads finely worked but not bound.
  17. Blocks of pigment mixed with animal fat.
  18. Squirrel-tail painting brush.
  19. Fine pelt belonging to fox or similar.
  20. Granite chisel and hammer for working stone.
  21. Miniature harpoon made from carved antler.
  22. Clay pipe and pouch of quickleaf.
  23. Shattered bonesword, the hilt scabrous with coagulated blood.
  24. Necklace of turquoise beads.
  25. Clay jar large enough to hold four pints.
  26. Selection of tattooing needles hewn from bone, with some dark pigments.
  27. Handful of colourful shells.
  28. Brightly coloured flaxen cloak.
  29. Sharp flint blades and chisel for intricate woodcarving.
  30. Stone idol of a rotund woman, 6 inches tall.
  31. Light shield made from wood and stretched hide.
  32. Dried squid/fish/octopus, equivalent to 3 days rations. Very strong smell.
  33. Pickled vegetables in a small clay pot with a cork lid.
  34. Fistful of soft clay wrapped in sackcloth.
  35. Sewing kit consisting of fine bone needles and catgut.
  36. Tortoiseshell thimble.
  37. Comb of polished ivory.
  38. Small stone hammer.
  39. 10' x 10' square fishing net, 3" mesh, thick hemp cord.
  40. Wooden drum with stretched animal skin. Low and sonorous.
  41. Human skull, the top removed so it can be used as a drinking cup or serving bowl.
  42. Wooden bowl, precisely circular.
  43. Protective jerkin of hide, wood and bone.
  44. Elegant flute of carved bone.
  45. Tortoiseshell comb.
  46. 10' pole, hazel or similar. Lockable central hinge, collapses into 5' length.
  47. Half a shaman shroom (3 low doses), dried.
  48. Broken clay pipe.
  49. Pickled eggs, equivalent to 2 rations.
  50. Carved wooden antelope.
  51. Obsidian dagger inlaid with fine copper in a geometric pattern.
  52. Helmet fashioned from polished leopard skull.
  53. 3 doses of sorcerers' sage and a wooden pipe.
  54. Leather pouch of culinary spices.
  55. Clay jar of poisonous ointment sealed with a wax lid.
  56. Hollow wooden tube containing blank sheets of papyrus.
  57. Beautiful bowl of glazed pottery.
  58. Wooden sled (carries 20+ items)
  59. 30' of hempen rope.
  60. 6 cactus buttons wrapped in muslin.
  61. Hollowed-out auroch horn (musical instrument).
  62. Bearskin that can be worn as a cloak. Head forms a hood.
  63. Finely woven woollen cloak, dyed.
  64. Set of arrowheads. 
  65. Green peppercorns.
  66. Dried root of the desert rue.
  67. Newborn dire wolf cub.
  68. 12lb sack of grain.
  69. Smoked meats, 3 rations worth.
  70. Corpse preserving spices.
  71. Clay jar of set honey.
  72. 48' x 3' of linen, undyed.
  73. Incense.
  74. Mulberry leaves concealing 6 plump silkworms.
  75. Animal femur used as heavy club.
  76. Boiled goat-hide shirt.
  77. One dozen sacks.
  78. Leather pouch of mysterious seeds, 2d4 varieties each 3d6 in number.
  79. Wooden mask wearing monstrous grimace.
  80. Stag-skull helmet complete with antlers.
  81. fine cotton robes, neatly folded and wrapped in rough sackcloth.
  82. Fermented milk mixed with auroch's blood, fortifying.
  83. Potent grain alcohol.
  84. Model of a simple sailing boat, big enough for a single mouse.
  85. Incredibly pungent smelling fermented shellfish sauce.
  86. A ration of strong-smelling sheep's cheese wrapped in sackcloth.  
  87. Silver bracelet, undecorated.
  88. Colourful feathers from unknown bird.
  89. Cured skin of a giant crocodile, ready to be worked.
  90. Marmoset: alive, mute, human-level intelligence.
  91. Jade anklet.
  92. Honeycomb.
  93. Skull of an ancestor, scrubbed clean and painted.
  94. Small granite statue of winged lion.
  95. Selection of fine polished gems.
  96. Bamboo pen and ink set.
  97. Mummified remains of 3' tall human, countenance of deep contemplation. 
  98. Coracle just big enough for a solitary adult.
  99. Wooden wheel.
  100. Ceremonial dagger made from star-metal.
A looted Neolithic body... well, part of one.

* * *

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