Friday, 10 January 2020


Given that god is infinite, and the multiverse is infinite, would you like any toast?

As I was downloading this crude drawing of a ten-pointed star I found by searching for MULTIVERSE I was informed that I would need to credit CHARLES RICHARD BENTLEY JUNIOR: it's written in the picture! Why lord, why? 
Board your spelljammer ship, hop in TARDIS or draw a chalk circle anointed with the blood of a virgin goat by the light of a waning moon, we're about to go on a trip beyond the ordinary limitations set by sight and sound: WELCOME TO THE COLLATED LIST OF ONE POST SETTINGS, extradimensional spaces, parallel worlds, pocket dimensions and demi-planes, each offering an enticing invitation to the brave, the bold, and the brainless.

Read on.. IF YOU DARE
The list is in two parts: the first comprises posts made in response to Pandatheist and Marquis Hartis' NSR Planescape challenge, the second consists other posts which fulfil the following criteria:

  • details an original "setting" of the author's creation (or a setting from other media not previously explored through TTRPGs).
  • ...the author has provided some gameable content (spells, classes, items, ransom tables) rather than (or in addition to) a lore-dump...
  • ...the post must adequately evoke a setting. This is a vague, but broadly speaking the post should contain enough information to make the reader go "cool, I want to explore that place through a game and feel I am already able to do so", whether or not it is part of a more extensive series of posts
This is just the beginning of what I hope will be an ongoing project, so if you have any suggestions from around the blogosphere, please let me know.

  • Blood | Bone | Ember | Ash are the elements of Pandatheist's inaugural contribution to the NSR Planescape challenge, a nameless plane (Caldera?) defined by the list of ten ritual spells drenched in blood, love and forbidden knowledge.
  •  The Plane of Lightning and Thoughts aka The Noosphere is the progenitor of the knowledge that can be read and experienced through the above plane's magic. This post focuses on that special class of being that would attempt to unlock the secret origins of inspiration - the Fulmen - and expounds the true power of the occult knowledge to which they are privy.
  • The Labyrinth of Hod: If the Noosphere is the origin of thought in the lightning flash of inspiration and Caldera its expression and realisation in flesh and blood, then Hod is its final imprisonment in stone. Here the difference between a soul, an idea, a spell and a deed is merely commercial value, and the magic concerns facilitating and protecting such trades:
Full list available here:


As stated above, this is an ongoing project and your input is highly valued. Any suggestions of posts you deem suitable for this list are welcomed with open arms, either in the comments below or via other platforms.

- Sofinho
(DM in Exile)


  1. Thank you.

    I am thinking now about adding human generator for Biomega (so it fits "some gameable content" criterion, but it will either break the flow of the main post or will require a second post (thus making it not-one-page setting).

    I didn't add spell-lists because I thought that amount and limits of magic would be up to each DM and the post provides good base of what these abilities could be.

    1. You're very welcome.

      Yeah I think that maybe the gameable content thing is a somewhat... strident?... I mean, who defines gameable? Fact is, all the elements you mention in your post are gameable. And it's really well-written. So it's on the list!

      The spell list was something specific to Marquis and Pandatheist, and my interpretation is not that these are the only spells in town, but that the spells listed give a flavour of the setting: like I presume if a magic-user became a Fulmen following the ritual Marquis described they would still keep their spellbook and be able to cast those spells...

      Anyway, thanks again for your sublime post.