Monday, 7 December 2020

FKR — The Friekriegsspiel Revolution

[I think it's actually FREE KRIEGSSPIEL but this way is fun too]


Before you go any further, please read this definition of the FKR

Ok. Gut. Now, vair arr yur papaz? Yur karakter shitz. Ok. Gut.

Burn zem!

(adopts less confrontational Germanic accent... Herman Hesse in the house... or Willem Dafoe?*)

We don't need no sheets where we're going man.

By Jaromir Hrivnac

I've made a few podcast recently, you can chase them up here

However, I've made this post in reference to a conversation I had with Jim Parkin of the aforementioned D66 Classless Kobolds where, among other things, we discuss what this FKR stuff is all about.

In light of my meltdown over the mega-crunch post this weekend talk about rules-lite stuff has been a real palate cleanser and I hope to put out a few "kits" soon.

* There's a pub in Stoke Newington, London called the Daniel Defoe, after the famous writer. I knew an educated person who thought it was named after the footballer Jermaine Defoe. Since that bombshell I have a mental block on all 3 individuals.

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