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1d20 PARIAH Plot hooks and Rumours

Jim Parkin of D66 Classless Kobolds asked the Atelier Hwei server for some campaign plot hooks/rumours/ faction tensions. Here's what they came up with in 26 minutes:

1. An evil spirit has hidden a piece of your name/soul in each of the six(?) other worlds, find enough drugs to get them all back. (Semiurge

2. A pariah sorcerer has made league with a pride of lions to usurp the blossoming human civilization, as another pariah this is now your fault/problem. (Semiurge)

 3. The settlement wants to expand, clearing the neighbouring forest to create more arable land. The spirit of the place is powerful: will you destroy it, enslave it, or woo it into contrition? (Sofinho)

4. The spirit of the ocean has fallen in love with the spirit of a mountain, but is separated by the shore. You've been "recruited" to carry messages between them to let their romance flourish. Unfortunately the ocean is a wanker, and so you have to figure out the romancing bit on your own if you don't want a tidal wave coming in. (Semiurge)

5. A new band of humans has arrived from across the sea on canoes and they bring with them a population of  invasive animals unknown to the area that are throwing the local ecosystem into disarray. Pretty much every spirit of the region wants these things gone but the new band of humans rely on them for sustenance (Oisín

6. Songs and stories: travelling around communities means picking up bits and pieces of ancient folk tales and performances... when the events of those stories begin to manifest in the Here and Now, you have an inkling of what might be coming (the mountain is smoking... just like in the tale of The Song of the Horrible Destructive Power of the Smoking Mountain! We must flee or find some way to placate it!) (Sofinho)

7. The Pariahs come across various people who claim to have seen a silver lake spread out before them during the middle of the day. It seems the Moon's spirit is no longer content with remaining in the night sky. (Louis

8. A star has fallen and an unknown succulent plant grows around its mark on the plains. Local animals have begun to consume the plant, gaining wisdom and magic beyond their means. Some of them begin to plot against wandering pariahs, yet some others plot against the spirits themselves. (Jim

9. The Elders speak of a cult of wind sorcerers that dwell beyond the mountains, capable of both calling mighty gusts and manipulating the forces of life and death. Air of course being the medium that animates and connects all living things, those with the power to manipulate it also have the power to animate and/or resuscitate the recently dead. If you need a dead or dying comrade brought back to health or an angry wind spirit placated, they are the people to seek out, but their prices are high... (Oisín)

10. Moving through an area of tall grass, the Pariah's come across a wolf-like creature carrying what appears to be a human baby in its maw. It is being chased by a known tribe of hunters who shout to the Pariahs to slay the beast before it escapes. (Louis)

  • The hunters are actually pursuing the baby, who is being carried by the giant wolf a la Princess Mononoke (Sofinho)

  • You're on to me (Louis)

11. There is a cave by the ocean said to be inhabited by a spirit that speaks wisdom to all who enter. When the Pariah's wander into its depths, they receive a warning from the spirits that a great tragedy or death will befall them within the day. (Louis)

12. In the great prairies of the west, dwell strange beasts, somewhere between a horse and a knuckle-crawling ape. Some of these creatures have been seen manipulating objects as tools and speaking to each other in a droning, braying language. Perhaps they also make bargains with the spirits as humans do. (Oisín)

Source: Tumblr
13. As you travel along a restless river an unknown person attacks your pariahs, fighting to the death. The next day, the very same person appears along the same horizon and attacks again. (Louis)

14. A small plant spirit offers you a reward if you will carry it from between the stifling darkness of the tall forest trees to a higher area, basking in light. (Louis)

15.    The Neolithic City's primitive government is becoming increasingly complex, as managing a gift economy requires copious records... the priests have switched from keeping records on stone tablets to using paper and charcoal. The paper is manufactured by a secluded community in the forest... the bureaucracy would be so much more efficient if we could crack how it's made! (answer: domesticated giant wasps, but you need to go to the village of the paper priests first, and they're unwilling to share their secret) (Sofinho)
16.    Several of the nomadic hill tribes inter their dead in a nearby cave. They do this not for ritualistic regions but because the spirit of the cave; a disembodied booming voice in the dark, demands dead bodies or it will infect the people of the hills with a deadly, disease. The spirit's demands have grown more and more as of late, and the hill tribes have begun raiding nearby peoples and murdering indiscriminately in pursuit of more and more corpses. (Oisín)
17. An elder dies. Their last wish was to be buried in the soil of the lands of their birth. It's fucking miles away, but you  promised and their ghost is going to be super annoyed if you don't honour the agreement. (Sofinho)
18. You've been asked by a wizened old woman to fetch a herb from a nearby fen, but each time you attempt to enter the area, a spirit bars your entry, informing you that you stink and it won't let you in until you've properly cleansed yourselves. (Louis)
18b. The wizened old woman uses the herb to transfer you to the dusk lands against your will because she's a total hag. Something there is waiting for you and it doesn't seem friendly. There are other spirits nearby, but they appear to be hiding. Probably best to try to escape. (Louis)
19. The settled people are embarking on an intense construction programme. They're very specific that blue stone is used... from a location about 150 miles away? (Sofinho)
20. Your band of Pariah's are the first humans ever on an island continent; A land of sweltering heat,  7 metre long monitor lizards and enormous hopping mammals, where every waterway is full of crocodiles and under every rock is a poisonous spider or snake. The spirits here have never seen humans before and are either cautious or outright hostile to your presence. Good luck! (Oisín)

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