Monday, 1 March 2021

D66 Enchanted Items

Have I done one of these before? Feels like I should have... maybe I'm thinking of that I search the body post I did recently. In any case, here are some magic items for your proto-Neolithic campaign:

Neolithic grave goods, possibly magical.

1d6 X 1d6 Enchanted Items

1-1    An arrow that never misses (breaks irrevocably on 1 or 20)

1-2    Cooking pot that doubles rations.

1-3    Rope that can only be untied by the person that tied it (can be cut though)

1-4    Small stone that returns to the hand after being thrown (only if it hits an object/ground)

1-5    Bearskin that imbues the wearer with great strength, but also the need to hibernate.

1-6    Clay jar of honey that heals wounds and infections, including poison (3 doses).

2-1    Staff that transforms into a snake when its true name is whispered and vice versa.

2-2    Horn that can summon an intelligent fish when played next to water.

2-3    Amethyst that captures the holders spirit when they die (can transfer into a new body)

2-4    Scrimshawed skull that can tell when someone within 5’ is lying: yells ”liar!”

2-5    Fatty ointment that can be applied to face to make the wearer irresistibly attractive.

2-6    Eye-shaped gem: can replace an injured eye (removable, still sees).

3-1    Plant pipe: permits communication with any plant smoked in its bowl.

3-2    Quickleaf powder: as quickleaf (2 doses) but also doubles speed for 10 minutes.

3-3    Invisibility ointment: take one turn to apply to bare flesh, will be invisible for 2d6 turns.

3-4    Magic hive: a bees nest, can be used to summon a bee swarm once a day.

3-5    Spirit feather: if held aloft while falling, bearer floats harmlessly to the ground. One use.

3-6    Mammoth horn: when blown summons 2d4-1 mastodons. One use.

4-1    Magic axe: decapitates on “20”,  murderous frenzy on a “1”.

4-2    Magic Darts: 1d12 magic darts, each one inflicts random magical effect against enemy.

4-3    Bug Ointment: repels all insects and arachnids for 1 day when applied, 3 doses.

4-4    Guardian Idol:  Transforms into warrior on command, 2d6 rounds. 3 uses.

4-5    Spirit scroll: literate pariahs reading this aloud will invoke a spell-spirit (1 use).

4-6    Binding jar: can trap the spirit of any creature inside if they fail save vs magical devices.

5-1    Spear of Dusk: this spear +2 can be commanded to stop mid air at will.

5-2    Mask of transportation: insectoid mask teleports wearer to the dusk realm and back.

5-3    Conjuration stones: 1d6 pebbles which, when throne, conjure an elemental serving the caster.

5-4    Magical Adze: the user can work a field all day without tiring. Also counts as axe +1.

5-5    Scarab of Protection: Absorbs any curse. Will work 1d6 times before becoming worthless.

5-6    Still-screaming head of a human sorcerer: will fall silent if placed in complete darkness.

6-1    Curious orange: will answer any in universe question truthfully if it receives a confession.

6-2    Moon bowl: a silver bowl that creates 1 dose sleepflower resin from any liquid placed inside.

6-3    Sundust: if inhaled, victim must face the sun for 1d6 hours (1 damage/round if cannot)

6-4    Wolfskin: wearer may assume the form of a wolf any night when the moon is visible.

6-5    Sea-grass: herb that if chewed permits water breathing for 1d6 hours.

6-6    Wheel of fortune: an artefact, see future post on artefacts

* * *

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  1. Very cool. 5-6 is my favourite. I presume it comes with a bag? Otherwise that is going to get annoying very quickly

    1. It needs to start off in the dark, otherwise screaming disembodied head -> PCs smash.
      Stolen from the Stone Egg in room 39 of Lair of the Lamb... a far more interesting screaming head!

  2. I drop 1-4 into the legendary bottomless pit and see what happens!

  3. In-game archaeology: these are the artefacts that drive the goings-on, rather than the 'quest/mission'.

    Dungeon as Dig. Experts thinks this is all Elf-made. The ghostly figures haunting the district are entheogen charged Pariahs, peeking in on an otherworld they don't recognise.

    1. Addendum: Dragon Warriors/ Pariah cross-over. The Knights think it's Wights!

    2. Wight night is fight night! Yeah I love all of that men fighting ghosts are ghosts fighting men (I met Bez once and this was his experience on ayahuasca) and in-game archaeology is a great farming device. Post about artefacts is going up soon: rather than purpose-built magic items, they're fragments of art/tech beyond the comprehension of the proto-Neolithic mind that also have weird and potentially useful effects (I suppose a bit like the stuff retrieved from the zone in Roadside Picnic?)

    3. *framing device, not farmin! Though in-game archaeology COULD have a lot of farming devices.