Sunday, 6 December 2020

1d6 Sorcerers

Roll1 d6.
  1. Is one.
  2. Is two.
  3. Is three.
  4. Is four.
  5. Is five.
  6. Is six. 


  1. 1. A sorcerer seeking to retire from their vocation, cast their fell books into the sea, and become normal. After a lifetime of magical pursuits they are extremely weird. They want you to teach them normalcy and won't take no for an answer.

    2. Two sorcerers eloping. Both have made diabolic pacts for power and cannot step foot on holy ground. Want you to kidnap a priest to marry them.

    3. Three sorcerers stuck in a Mexican standoff for the past 30 years. Their familiars have regurgitated food and water into their mouths to keep them alive. Promise incredible rewards to you if you can break the stalemate in their favour, however this would also mean the sorcerers would unleash spells of terrible devastation on each other and their surroundings.

    4. Four sorcerers arguing over whose magic is the best. They'll try to bribe, cajole, and coerce you into letting them cast their most potent spells on you, and get you to rule in their favour.

    5. Five sorcerers traveling with uneasy mirth. They are old friends catching up, but a fortune-teller said that one among their number was replaced by a haint looking to take their souls. They want to recruit an outsider to investigate (possibly also to offer up in their stead).

    6. Six sorcerers carrying a casket holding the corpse of their master. Their master promised inheritance of all their possessions and servitor spirits to the apprentice brave and capable enough to clear their laboratory of the curse which killed them. The apprentices are split between their willingness to claim the laboratory personally or get someone else (you) to do it for them, and in how happy they are to see their master gone. Their master's corpse is enchanted to berate them.

    1. Huh these AI bots are making blogging much easier.

      Number 3 has the potential to be the greatest encounter of all time.

    2. I really like sorcerers in number of six but other(s) are also very interesting encounters.

  2. 1. One old man on the edge of the settlement. He can draw the spirits- and all associated evils - right out of you. At night he walks deep into the jungle and gives the spirits to a tree.

    2. Two siblings walking the land, most often in the form of children. They infiltrate the homes of the wealthy like parasites, slowly hollowing them out. They might actually be aliens.

    3. Three wise men, whose sorcery is really our science. They've been studying the skies and the advent of a new star fills them with dread... for though it foretells of the birth of the Son of God, it turns out that God's really pissed off.

    4. These four sorcerers shuffle along together making a terrible din with their lead-lined clogs. They're never seen apart, for they each represent one of the four corners of the doorway to the Great Void... anything between them is utterly annihilated.

    5. These five sorcerers each have a magic ring corresponding to the five elements: fire, water, earth, air and... what's the fifth one? No one can remember and that pisses her off to such an extent that she's been missing for 200 years. Now the time has come when the five rings need to come together to defeat the Terrible Thing but a vital component is missing. Oh no!

    6. The promethean chorus. 6 robed figures each humming the six notes of the promethean chord. Music is the greatest magic, and it can create, destroy or transmute.