Sunday 31 March 2024

Back in the One Hour Pariah Sandbox: City of Ghosts Session 4 Play Report

Following an extended break the City of Ghosts campaign is once again up and running. You can find more information about it in this series of posts, but in a nutshell I was inspired by Luke Gearing's and Pat Eyler's respective one-hour megadungeon sessions to run a weekly PARIAH sandbox during my Friday lunch break. This is the fourth play report. 


I was obviously nervous about GMing after such a long time out of the fold: fortunately I was eased back into it by the patient and kind JFUR of, and was relieved she was happy to play out a one-to-one session in the absence of other players

What when on there, we only have this excerpt

Conscious of the fact that I haven't posted this month and with minutes remaining, here's a bullet point summary of the session
  • new pariah (deep breath) Cunning Fortune of the Nervous Tyrant of the Skies peeled away from the main group and checked out the area west of The Children of the Lion’s garden…
  • a sculpture of three children playing was revealed, in vernacular stone, no other features
  • three distinct trees inc. a coniferous tamarisk tree, a mimosa and a coconut tree were found
  • a huge, scary statue of a giant humanoid with long braided hair was also located on a raised platform nearby
  • Cunning Fortune smacked the coconut tree, retrieved two coconuts (dodging one via a save but earning an “x” in the process) and then pegged it to a garden just south because…
  • …a big, blue-veined and bald “lion” was spotted which then gave “gentle” pursuit
  • possibly safe behind the 10’ walls Cunning Fortune retreated to a small stone building with an open doorway, using a low table within to partially block the entrance
  • after a short period of time, Cunning Fortune checked back into the garden… mildly startled to see three children playing there… probably more startled to see them fading into nothingness…
  • overcoming the shock to get on with some looting, Cunning Fortune retrieved a fetching conical hat, several large clay vases, a copper bracelet and a mummified cat!
Play was unable to take place the following week (22nd) but I'm pleased to report that we DID in fact get a FITH session in on the 29th, write-up to follow.


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