Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Monsters, Beasts & Spirits

 One of the things about making your own RPG inspired by the original version of the world's most popular RPG is that in recreating even the broad strokes of it you bite off an enormous amount.

Thus, when... "detourning"... the famous expert set wilderness encounter tables, one is compelled to write an entire bestiary.

I haven't quite written that bestiary, but it's in the process of being written...

...and YOU can influence how that turns out! 

(if you want)

Download BETA version here:


It's PWYW but it defaults to one English pound because I need it. Please don't feel obliged to give me any though, there is an option to reduce your payment to £0.00.

Grateful for your feedback in the comments below or on ITCH.IO. It's very rough and ready so spelling and grammar are likely to be uhhh... idiosyncratic but I'm more on the lookout for how you feel about what should/shouldn't be in there!

The plan is to update the downloadable file each week until it starts to look like something real.


I've had hundreds of downloads at £0.00 pounds but an equivalent amount of feedback! 

For this reason I'm no longer making it available on itch.io for free. 

If you would like a download key for no charge please come along to the Atelier Hwei discord server and ask!



  1. What kind of feedback are you looking for? I.e. layout and typos or more style/structure/sense?

    1. Hi Kyana- everything, really! Certainly I'll be picking up typos and stuff as I go over this document again and again, but appreciate having them pointed out. Layout and readability/ style? Sure. Mainly I'm interested in people's response to the content: what are your thoughts or impressions, good, bad or indifferent... all are appreciated.