Saturday, 2 November 2019

Day 2, NaNoWriMo (apologies)


Jin proved to be neither as calm and collected nor as accomplished a driver as Mylar had originally surmised. The route which Jin had taken through the Steel City undulated up and down, and she seemed determined to drive the mule-rat just as fast on the upward slope as she did on the downward, causing the cart to lurch and jerk and stop and start and - occasionally - to pick up a great deal of speed. Whenever the beast reached the foot of a hill, it would slow down and pant, instigating frustrated lashings from its driver, as the cart seemed to become increasingly unresponsive to Jin’s desires.

It suddenly occurred to me that posting me random shit-vomit-prose all over a blog about RPGs is disrespectful, and not just to my burgeoning readership, but also to all the other RPG bloggers who have added me to their reading list , so I won't be posting updates any longer.

You can keep up to date by following this link (apologies if you were unable to follow the old link, that's since been corrected):

I'll also be posting bits and pieces to twitter, as no-one really gives a shit what I put out there.

...additionally, I've made another name-generator, to be used in conjunction with City of Ghosts. The link should appear here within the next hour or so.

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