Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Day Three: Journal of Hikikomori

By the third day, David's health isn't improving but a brief foray outside may catalyse the beginning of a beautiful friendship. In-game journal/walkthrough of the solo RPG Hikikomori.

Babylon detourned. Author's own (kind of).

The coughing is getting worse, not sure if I’m going to get to sleep at all tonight. Still, there’s a lot of graphs to draw and another reason to proceed...

I woke up feeling really angry about what happened yesterday, with the neighbour, and I did something that was a little crazy, but worth it. I covered the board over my window with glyphs, my door, the floor immediately in front of the apartment…

Working the chalk into the ground a woman came up beside me. She asked me what I was doing. I tried to ignore her but.. well, she had a really pretty voice! I explained that the glyphs were perfect graphs, each one representing a prime number, and were accorded a number of nodes equal to that prime. I explained how they had a power that I was trying to explain fully, but that it was benevolent and would protect me from the impurity of the outside world.

As soon as I said those words I realised how much danger I was in, loitering outside like that, and scampered inside. The lady hung around for a long time by the door, trying to ask me things about when I last left the house, what I eat, questions like that. Eventually, I let her in-only because she said she wanted to see more graphs. When she saw the majesty of my apartment, she was blown away. We had some green tea, eventually I ushered her out. She said she would come tomorrow: I’ll see how I feel, I may let her in, I may not.



HOPE:                        1d10

Obsessive Hobby        4d10           17
Health problem           4d10           11
Delusion (paranoid)    2d10           10
{Delusion (illogical)       (1d10)         3}       

        • Hobby: 25- indulge in hobby, lose 2 action, gain 1 die
        • Health roll, cause pain, result 20, gain 1 die, lose 1 die of hope
        • Delusion roll- 18, hope roll 6 difference -12.
          • Gains rescue (crusader 2d10)

Just one actions, because of my hobby...
        • Share hobby with my rescuer, Lin. Hobby 22 Lin 13
          • Dif 9, gains obsessive hobby die.

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