Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Day Four: Journal of Hikikomori

David Merton's journal- a character's log of events in Hikikomori.

David did not make a journal entry on this day as he experienced a medical emergency as a result of his lung infection and was rushed to hospital.



HOPE:                        1d10

Obsessive Hobby        6d10        
Health problem           5d10
Rescuer (crusader)      2d10
Delusion (paranoid)    2d10           
Delusion (illogical)     1d10)                


During the preceding day's play, David gained a fifth d10 for his health problem, resulting in the following:

If [the health problem]... has 5 or more dice, it will Cause an Emergency. This means that your condition has become serious enough that you wind up being rushed to the hospital. The emergency takes up all of your actions for that day, both the ones you specify and the ones that come from your Traits. The next day your Health Problem is gone, but you lose a die of Hope.


None, for the reasons outlined above.

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