Friday, 10 April 2015

Day Six: Journal of Hikikomori

David is still obsessed with drawing glyphs on every surface, and Lin- initially his rescuer- seems to be reinforcing his obsession. Below is his diary entry, created for the game Hikikomori.

Lin was still sleeping when I awoke; I immediately got on with the day’s drawings. I had completely covered the interior of the hearth by the time she got up. 

She explained that she was actually working for an agency that deals with agoraphobics, but she’d been completely overwhelmed by the graphs. She says she still wants to help me, but because she’s my friend, not because of her job or whatever. She says the graphs make her feel better, safer inside somehow…

When Lin asked me why I had started to draw them and why I drew them on every surface, I couldn't answer. I remembered something about power… and then I remembered my crazy neighbour, and the events of the day before… he was something to do with it, wasn't he? I had to go and do something about him!

He’d washed away all the chalk glyphs I’d left outside his door, so I began to draw more. I worked my way back up the concrete stairs, etching and chalking perfect graphs as I went, until I magical corridor had been constructed between my door and his. It struck me that this might not be the best idea, but to be honest, I was beginning to struggle with what all of this meant, what it was all for. I sat on the stairs and rocked back and forth.

I felt a warm hand on the back of my neck. I thought it was Lin, but when I looked up, I saw an old woman. She smiled warmly. She said her name was Han, and that if I ever needed anything, just to call. I felt wary, she was of the outside after all, but she seemed nice… after all, I’d met Lin under similar circumstances…

Han helped me upstairs and sat with Lin and I for a bit. After she left, I looked at Lin for a long time. She’s very beautiful. I asked her why she thought I did all of this and I started to cry. Lin said she could help me, if I wanted to be helped. I said I just wanted to forget about all the crazy stuff and just draw. We talked for a long time and I felt a lot better. She’s asleep on my camp bed just now: I'm going to crawl in beside her and drift off too.



HOPE:                        0d10

Obsessive Hobby        8d10           42
Real friend (Lin)         4d10           20
Delusion (paranoid)    2d10           15
Delusion (illogical)     1d10           6

    • Hobby: 33- indulge in hobby, lose 2 action, gain 1 die
    • Real Friend- 21, somehow help new friend, gain 1d10 hope, RF gains 1 die!
    • Paranoid roll, 16, hope roll 6 (diff -10, gains new rescuer, coaxing 3d10

Just one actions, because of my hobby...
    • Rely on friend to defeat illogical delusion
      • Adds all friends dice (5d10) + hope dice (1d10) = 40
      • Delusion rolls 5
      • Delusion defeated, gained one hope die!
The last day approaches... will Lin or Han somehow save the hopelessly lost David? 

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