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Brù-Gar Sandbox Session

This session took place on 3rd March 2003.


Slayer of the Father (Nye)

Chasing Ape (TinheadNed)

Timidly Hindered Dwelling (Sofinho)

Louis Gen2K of is the gamemaster.

Lions at Chauvet cave.


Early to middle spring


Players started having spent a few days/a week or so in the Boru tribe settlement against the coastline after aiding them in a ritual to calm the ocean waters they rely on to fish.

The Pariahs decided to move North, across a stretch of ocean, to an island they could see from the shore/the Boru settlement.

Aided by Fortune-of-the-well, the Boru leader, they bartered with Enormously-comes-the-crab, a local boat maker, to borrow one of the tribes dugout canoes. The Pariahs left a drum, a bow and several arrows as insurance that they’d return with the borrowed dugout canoe.

Setting out, they travelled across the ocean only to be caught in fickle spring weather as a fierce storm blew in from the deep ocean. Led by Chasing Ape’s understanding of tides and fishing, they paddled against time to make it to the island’s beach.

The island has a stretch of sandy beach followed by a slightly raised rocky outcropping before a steep cliff face pockmarked with hundreds of caves and cracks of various shapes and sizes (presumably forming a network beneath the island).

The area above the cliffs appears verdant and densely forested.

As the winds and rains swept in, the Pariahs found drift wood for a fire and made their way into a cave selected by Timidly-Hindered-Dwelling. Once inside, with a warm fire going, they consumed Slayer-of-the-Father’s dried fish rations.

Sat in relative comfort, the Pariahs could hear faint noises of distress coming from deeper in the cave at their back.

Investigating gingerly, they found a part of the cave roof had collapsed in, dragging down a large tree, slick mud, dirt and rock, as well as letting the rains in.

A deer of immense size and a human figure were found trapped amongst the fallen rocks.

Slayer-of-the-Father attempted to give the human water as they said they were “So very thirsty” but the injured human figure spat the rainwater out, eventually attempting to bite a chunk out of Slayer-of-the-Father’s fingers.

Timidly-Hindered-Dwelling used mushroom entheogens, gathered during their time with the Boru tribe, to converse with the deer. She learnt that the deer bore the great protector spirit of the island, tasked with “herding the thirsty”, a group which it warned Timidly-Hindered-Dwelling about.

Chasing Ape slew the injured man after Timidly-Hindered-Dwelling recounted the threat they posed from their spirit conversation with the great deer.

Slayer-of-the-Father joined in the spirit conversation, using the entheogens for an altogether more rocky trip.

The deer told Timidly-Hindered-Dwelling and Slayer-of-the-Father that the thirsty consisted of “half a herd”, without naming an exact number, and that it was unsure if its vessel would survive its injuries.

Slayer-of-the-Father enquired about a possible replacement, learning of the deer’s offspring “across the lake, amongst the beefolk in the great forest”.

A lurking figure escaped the Pariahs notice, only being noted as footsteps running from the collapsed cave roof.

Timidly-Hindered-Dwelling offered to become a temporary vessel to the Spirit Protector in return for them being allowed to consume the deer.

The Spirit protector, Drang, agreed and told Timidly-Hindered-Dwelling that she needed to wear the antlers, taste of the deer’s heart and walk upon the deer’s hooves.

The session ended here, with the group discussing searching for the immense, golden deer’s offspring and Timidly-Hindered-Dwelling preparing to take up the mantle of Drang’s vessel until one of the offspring could be brought to the island. 

* * *

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