Friday, 24 July 2020

Why I don't write FIVE ON FRIDAY any more (an apology)

Up until February of this year I tried to publish a weekly summary of my favourite blogs every Friday, under the tagline FIVE ON FRIDAY—LIBRARY OF BABEL. You can have a look at these old posts by visiting this link:

The last post I made was the 17th in this series, made at the end of February of this year: I started a new job in March just before the advent of the global pandemic (you may have heard about this) and around the same time I had to actually fulfil a kickstarter I set up for Zinequest.

It was always my intention to get back to it at some point, but as time as worn on and I've been able to make time for reading and writing blogs, I've become less convinced that this is a useful contribution by me to the community.

Sorry if this was a useful series for you, I just don't have the discipline to keep it up!

It's important that the RPG blogosphere—particularly the OSR blogosphere (which in spite of appearances is relatively small)—continues to support one another as short form platforms become increasingly popular. This isn't a personal crusade against other platforms (I happen to enjoy discord and have been made very welcome  on twitter) but I prefer reading and writing long form posts.

A weekly selection of my own personal favourites is I fear not the best way to promote this format, however.

In collaboration with we've been posting a regular blogroll on r/osr. This (I hope) will allow OSR bloggers old and new to reach new audiences and to find (or be reminded of) bloggers new and... less new(?).

The most recent entry is up at this link, and I'll try and share the most recent thread at the end of every blogpost:

Ben Milton of Questing Beast  is also publishing a monthly newsletter of his favourite posts and OSR material, The Glatisant. So far it has been excellent. You can subscribe to it here:

There's also Alex Schroeder's blog aggregator, Old School RPG Planet:

...and Froth's Humpday Blog-o-rama (currently on hiatus, but back soon I hope):

Really I should add these as buttons or permalinks or something somewhere.

Oh! Don't forget about my reading list, THE LIBRARY OF BABEL, which should be located somewhere to the right ---->>>

Thanks for reading.

- Sofinho


  1. The blogroll post on r/OSR is always great. Despite the dearth of commentary on there, I always find great links to follow and enjoy the authors themselves introducing their content.

    Alex Schroeder's OSR Blog planet is an incredible tool. One of the easiest ways to pass around dozens of links with a single click. But there are still so many blogs missing from the list! Everyone should be encouraged to add themselves to the planet. The more congregation there, the better the planet will be.

    1. Agree, and I don't mind the lack of commentary so much, as I think it often occurs elsewhere e.g. on the blog itself. So that rediit thread just acts as more of a signpost for blogs that might otherwise get overlooked.

      It's been running for a while now but it still picks up a weird amount of downvotes every so often. It's frustrating.