Sunday, 10 May 2020


I'll give you three choices. First, you can click on the mutate button and receive your mutation.

Choice two....

Roll on this table.
  1. All meat is poisonous: save vs poison or suffer 1d8 con damage.
  2. Transparent skin: easily mistaken for undead, cha drops to 2.
  3. Body covered in fine white down.
  4. Locust-type wings: entirely useless.
  5. Hard white scales cover half the pariah's face.
  6. Eyes bun with a magenta coloured flame.
  7. Eyes are entirely black.
  8. Body covered in quills, like a shorn turkey.
  9. Skin is covered in blisters that swell and pop before the very eyes.
  10. Butterfly tongue: long, sensitive, coiled and black like liquorice rope 
  11. Skin constantly crawling with ants.
  12. Blind but can see perfectly during the full moon.
  13. Faint smell of ozone. Deals minor electrical shocks to all they touch
  14. Black-coloured blood.
  15. Ram horns.
  16. Skin, muscle, blood vessels, and tendons of one hand entirely invisible: looks skeletal.
  17. Unable to cross running water while awake.
  18. Saliva will crystallise 1d4 rounds after leaving the body.
  19. Able to astrally project like  a spirit-touched, but has silver-coloured skin.
  20. Objects they touch transform into gold.
  21. Eyes in the palm of each hand.
  22. Circular mouth surrounded by tentacles. CHA reduced to 2.
  23. Undying. If reduced to 0 HP, heart stops and appears dead. Will awaken 24 hours later, HP fully restored (can still be slain during this time).
  24. Completely hairless.
  25. Blood is colourless. Cannot blush, always looks peaky.
  26. Must always face the sun, regardless of their direction of travel.
  27. Fingers of one hand are slender serpents.
  28. Bat's ears (but cannot use echolocation).
  29.  Always smells of sulphur.
  30. Covered in downy feathers, like a fledgling bird.
  31.  Arachnid eyes (eight). CHA down to 3. Rarely surprised.
  32. Lower half of body is that of a dog or wolf.
  33. A faint blue flame continuously licks at the hard, carbonised skin of this pariah.
  34. Eyes like a snake.
  35. Bird wings: entirely useless.
  36. Flesh rotten and necrotic: appears as a ghoul. -7 CHA.
  37. Leaves a trail of pollen wherever they go.
  38. The pariah's skin changes colour to reflect their mood, like an octopus or a chameleon. The precise range of hues is up to the player.
  39. Two antennae growing from forehead.
  40. Skin covered in thick layer of green moss.
  41. Suffers HUNGER and is on their way to becoming a ghoul. Roll for one ghoulish affliction.
  42. Antelope horns.
  43. Vertical mouth. Looks a bit like a vagina.
  44. Howls like a wolf when in pain.
  45. Serpents for hair.
  46. Six fingers on each hand.
  47. Paralysing stare. Keep self blindfolded at all times.
  48. Suffers the thirst. Roll for one Blood-Drinker affliction.
  49. Retractable cat claws.
  50. Snake Fangs.
  51. Silver-coloured hair.
  52. Unable to look away from the sun: must always face its direction during daylight hours.
  53. Small human face on the back of head: it is conscious but has no means by which to communicate (it has no throat).
  54. Skin is hard and cold like granite; it is covered in orange lichen. 
  55. Draining touch deals 1d3 damage, adding 1d3 to their con or HP.
  56.  Mushrooms grow out of any wounds. They are psychedelic, of course.
  57. Possessed: an evil spirit is bonded to this pariah. Must make a DC 12 spell save whenever injured to avoid fallen under the spirits's control.
  58. Naturally nocturnal, sluggish in natural light. Move at half rate by day.
  59. Despises darkness an will take 1 con damage/ hour if not sat nextt some kind of flame by night.
  60. Sentient, psychic tapeworm lives in lower intestine.
  61.  Peacock tail. It looks magnificent.
  62. Can speak with animals, but all animals say horrible things to them, driving them mad.
  63. Enormous head: gain 1d4 int (max 20) AND spirit-touched feature.
  64. Bat wings. Functionally useless.
  65. Becomes non-corporeal by the light of a full moon.
  66. Eyeballs on fingertips.
  67. Mouth in centre of forehead. Not connected to throat or oesophagus, but occasionally moves as if speaking. Has teeth.
  68. Constantly followed by small rodents.
  69. Footsteps kill all vegetation.
  70. Can crudely mimic others, like a raven or a jackdaw. Compulsive.
  71. Has four arms. May make an additional attack each round. May also carry two shields.
  72. When receiving damage, save vs petrification or turn to stone for 1d6 hours.
  73. Antennae sprouting from the forehead.
  74. Sweats blood.
  75. Sings like a bird.
  76. Prematurely aged: appears to be 3d12 years older than actual age. Purely superficial.
  77. Can rotate head 360' like an owl.
  78. Skin constantly crawling with beetles.
  79. By the light of the full moon, outer skin peels off revealing a new person underneath. Re-roll all physical stats.
  80. Two extra pairs of tiny arms emerge from this pariah's neck.
  81. All creatures within five feet hear faint whispers of bizarre and alien things.
  82. Always followed by a hawk.
  83. Beak face: -6 cha. 
  84. At 0 hit points a homunculus emerges from the pariah's body. It has 1d4 hp and wants to devours human flesh. Once it has tasted blood it returns to its big brother and restores 1d4 hp.
  85. Always smells of decaying lilies.
  86. Always levitating half an inch off the ground.
  87. Tentacles instead of arms: increased facility for grappling, -6 to charisma.
  88. No eyelids, instead has a nicitating membranes on each eye, like a tuatara.
  89. Gills in neck: very inefficient, cannot breathe underwater but can hold breath twice as long.
  90. Skin drawn over face so that it resembles a paper mache skull, incapable of expression. CHA drops to 2.
  91. A solitary cyclopean eye occupies the pariah's forehead. -2 to ranged attacks.
  92. Can spin low quality silk from an organ in an embarrassing and inconvenient place.
  93. Suffers the curse of lycanthropy. 
  94. Breathes fire in a 10' wide cone, inflicting HD + con fire damage once a day. Lips are hard, blistered and scarred.
  95. Small mouths on fingertips, each one with tiny teeth and a miniature tongue like a gecko.
  96. Bark-like callouses cover the skin, inhabited by insects or even birds.
  97. Internal organs are external: con is halved (with consequent HP adjustment), charisma is 2.
  98. Hind quarters of a goat.
  99. Possesses a lobster claw for a left arm. Treat as a heavy weapon that inflicts crushing or piercing damage. Plus one bonus to strength rolls when grappling or grabbing.
  100. Eyes always appear closed but can see (eyelids function like one-way glass).
The third choice was to give you the chance to download this as a pdf. You can do that here:

BONUS FOURTH CHOICE: you can print these A5-sized jpgs...


  1. I have to say, the PARIAH pdf is very good looking!

    1. I'm really pleased to hear that, thank you. I would have loved to get more art in there...

      Hopefully can get a printed cpy into your hands soon!

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for all Pariah posts recently. Thank you very much.

    1. You're welcome. Between that and work I don't have much time for anything else. How are things with you?

    2. Trying to keep myself focused mentally (with mixed results), but otherwise mostly safe.