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Below is a very vanilla dwarf-cleric character class, adapted from the BECMI Dwarves of Rockhome gazetteer. This should slot comfortably into Labyrinth Lord, LOTFP, Dark Dungeons, or any other basic-inspired retroclone that employs race as class.

Experience Points and Level Progression
Dwarf-clerics may only progress to twelfth level, as with normal dwarves.

Level XP L1 Spells L2 Spells L3 Spells L4 Spells L5 Spells L6 Spells
1 0 - - - - - -
2 4,000 1 - - - - -
3 8,000 2 - - - - -
4 16,000 2 1 - - - -
5 32,000 2 2 - - - -
6 64,000 2 2 1 - - -
7 120,000 2 2 2 - - -
8 250,000 2 2 2 1 - -
9 400,000 3 2 2 2 - -
10 600,000 3 3 2 2 1 -
11 800,000 4 3 3 2 1 -
12 1,000,000 4 4 3 3 2 1

Dwarf-clerics are always lawful.

Dwarves learn and memorise spells in a similar fashion to human clerics. However, their deity (Kagyar, Odin, whomsoever you choose for your campaign world) forbids the reversal of spells. Occasional, emergency breakings of this rule should be followed by a suitable personal sacrifice (e.g. charitable donation) to atone for this violation. Repeated violations result in a geas  being cast on the PC, leading to a vision quest. Further violations result in demotion to ordinary dwarf status and loss of all spellcasting capabilities.

High level dwarf-clerics may use raise dead only to raise dwarves.

Turn Undead
Dwarf-clerics cannot turn or destroy undead.

Dwarf-clerics must start play with at score of at least 9 for wisdom and constitution.

Dwarf-c1erics have two Prime Requisites, wisdom and strength. A dwarf with a score of 13 or more for both ability Scores gains a 5 % bonus to any experience points earned. This increases to 10% if wisdom is 16 or more.

Hit Dice
Dwarf-clerics roll a six-sided dice to determine their hit points. They gain one additional hit dice at the first nine levels, adding their constitution to their hit point total each time. After ninth level they receive two additional hit points per level, with no HP bonuses.

Weapons and Armour
Like ordinary clerics and dwarves, dwarf-clerics may wear all forms of armour. Unlike human clerics, they can use edged weapons, but only if they are traditional dwarven weapons. This is limited to the following: axes (battle axes and hand-axes), war hammers, halberds, throwing hammers, and pole axes. Dwarves using pole arms suffer a -2 to hit.

Dwarf-clerics using non-dwarven weapons attack as if they were normal man. Otherwise, they use the same attack table as ordinary dwarves.

Saving Throws
Dwarf-clerics use the same saving throws as dwarves of an equivalent level.

Racial Abilities
Dwarf-clerics have the same racial abilities as ordinary dwarves: infravision, extra languages and trap detection.

Beyond 12th Level
Dwarf-clerics may not learn any more spells after 12th level, nor will their casting ability improve. They will not gain any more hit points. However, additional experience [points can improve their attacking capability, as with ordinary dwarves:

Dwarf-Cleric Experience Attack Rank
1,000,000 a) C
1,200,000 D
1,400,000 E
1,800,000 F
2,000,000 b) G
2,200,000 H
2,400,000 I
2,600,000 c) J
2,800,000 K
3,000,000 L
3,200,000 M

  • a) Half damage from spells and spell-like effects (this is gained earlier than ordinary dwarves)
  • b) Fighter combat options; two attacks per round
  • c) three attacks per round
For the uninitiated, here are the attack ranks and their equivalent fighter level for attack rolls:

Attack Rank Fighter Equivalent
C F10-12
D F10-12 +1
E F13-15
F F13-15 +1
G F16-18
H F16-18 +1
I F19-21
J F19-21 +1
K F22-24
L F22-24 +1
M F25-27

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